Fulbright Grant 474/2009


Fulbright Senior Research Grant
Contract 474 / 01.07.2009, 

in Optical Engineering (from the US Department of State): Scanning in Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), at The Institute of Optics (#1 in Optics in the USA), Univ. of Rochester, NY (USA); Host: Prof. J. P. Rolland, ODAlab

1 journal paper in ISI WoS, IF=1.748

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr.-habil. Virgil-Florin Duma
3OM Optomechatronics Group

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Scanning in Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Title (Romanian)

Scanarea in OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) cu surse laser scanate in frecventa



Time Frame
September 2009 – June 2010

Abstract & Objectives

The research activity melts the fellow’s expertise, Dr Duma, in optical scanners with that of the host, Dr Rolland, in OCT. The project focuses on the development and implementation of high end scanning systems, in order to achieve better performances of the OCT setups. The Research Plan is thus divided in two main parts: (i) study and development of scanning systems; (ii) implementing of the scanners in the existing OCT systems of the Host, and testing of the developed OCT systems. There is also an essential training component of the program. An extensive study of the polygonal mirror (PM) scanners has been achieved by the fellow, starting with his PhD thesis, and was applied in the dimensional measurements domain. A mathematical analysis more rigorous from the one in the state-of-the-art emerged, and is leading to an improved design of the PM scanner. Mechanical constraints and design considerations are also analyzed in this complex exploratory project.

Rezumat & Obiective

Activitatea de cercetare reuneste experienta cercetatorului (PI) Dr. Duma in scanere optice cu cea a gazdei, Dr. Rolland, in OCT. Proiectul este focalizat pe dezvoltarea si implementarea unor sisteme de scanare avansate, pentru a asigura o performanta mai ridicata a sistemelor OCT. Planul de cercetare este asadar impartit in doua: (i) studiul si dezvoltarea unor sisteme de scanare; (ii) implementarea scanerelor in sistemele OCT ale gazdei, cu testarea corespunzatoare a acestora. Mai exista si o component esentiala de training a cercetatorului in domeniul OCT. Un studiu extins a fost deja realizat de Dr Duma asupra scanerelor poligonale, incepand cu teza sa de doctorat, si a fost aplicat in domeniul masuratorilor industriale. O analiza matematica mai riguroasa decat cea din literature de specialitate a fost realizata, conducand spre un calcul de proiectare optimizat al scanerelor poligonale. Problemele mecanice care apar, cu referire la aspectele de proiectare, sunt de asemenea explorate in tematica acestui grant complex.


Papers in Journals indexed in ISI Web of Science

Duma V.-F.*, Lee K.-S., Meemon P., and Rolland J. P., Experimental investigations of the scanning functions of galvanometer-based scanners with applications in OCT, Applied Optics 50(29), 5735-5749 (2011), ISSN 1559-128X; http://dx.doi.org/10.1364/AO.50.005735, ISI IF 1.748 – also selected & published in Virtual J. for Biomedical Optics 6(11), ISSN 1931-1532 (2011); Q2

Conference Proceedings Papers – indexed in ISI Web of Science

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