Several Students Awards are established – to be presented at the Conference:

(1) Best Oral Presentation Award

(2) Best Poster Award

(3) Best Paper in Optomechatronics

(4) Best Paper in Optical Metrology

(5) Best Paper in Biomedical Imaging

(6) Best Paper in Materials Studies

(7) Best Paper of an Undergraduate Student

(8) Best Paper of a Master Student

(9) Best Paper of a PhD Student

(10) Best Doctoral Thesis in Optics in Romania (defended in 2019-2020)


To be considered for an award, a paper must have as first author an Undergraduate, Master or Doctoral student. A paper can receive no more that one of the awards.

Awards (1) and (2) are decided based on the presentations made at the Conference.

Awards (3) to (9) are decided based on submitted papers for Proc. SPIE, as well as (eventually) initial drafts (or final papers published) in Special Issues of the selected journals.

For Award (10), submissions of proposals or self-proposals can be made until 1st November 2020. 

All Awards are decided based on scientific merit, after evaluations by the Scientific Committee.

All Awards consist on a Diploma and a voucher covering in part the Article Processing Charge (APC) for publishing in the respective journal.

(Vouchers for covering in part the APCs can be also be awarded to other (exceptional) contributions, in the limit of the available funding).

In case of force majeure, the Conference could be postponed or moved to on-line, but the publication activity will follow the same deadlines and procedures.